Medical worker with a face shield

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COVID-19 Face Shields

Help us get face shields to those in need

Face Shields when combined with face masks keep first responders safer and help prolong their masks. We’re working to provide face shields for first responders, hospital staff, nursing homes, and nonprofits providing emergency services on the front lines.

Request shields for an organization or group in Colorado Springs

Let us know of a nonprofit, hospital, medical team or group of first responders who need face shields now. We are working to make and deliver around 25,000 shields for organizations in Colorado Springs at no cost to them.

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Donate shields to an organization or group outside Colorado Springs

You can donate boxes of 100 disposable face shields to a nonprofit, hospital or group of first responders outside of Colorado Springs. We are working to raise a $1 donation per shield to make and ship around 15,000 for these organizations.

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Many thanks to our amazing partners:
Colorado Laser Technologies, Titan Robotics, Pikes Peak Makerspace, Make4Covid, UW Badger Shield Project, Edmondson Foundation, and the Holaday Family